If you’ve ever lost one of your belongings you know the agony of retrieving it again. It’s either very difficult or impossible.

Here at Moores of London, we believe in good deeds and appealing to everyone’s good nature. Therefore we are really excited to be able to offer the DILL (“DO I LOOK LOST”) Tag which utilises QR code technology to allow the finder of your lost item to easily contact you should you lose one of your personal belongings i.e. keys, bike, laptop etc

DILL Tag (5)

Whoever finds your item with a DILL tag attached simply has to scan the QR code (or go online at deeple.com using the unique ID number) and it will take that person through to a landing page (which can also be corporate branded). Through this platform (which ensure full anonymity if required) the finder can liaise with the owner to advise them how best to retrieve their lost item.

Simple as that!




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