RFID Shielding

With the introduction and ongoing deployment of contactless cards requiring no pin number, both “electronic and physical pick pocketing” is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, coupled with the growing issue of accidental payment or even payment from the wrong card whilst stored within our wallets and purses.

We have the capability, through our leather gifts, to protect your contactless / RFID cards and ePassport data from intentional or accidental data loss.

Moores of London are excited to now be in partnership with VoyagerBlue combining their “patented and patent pending” technology with our luxury leather gifts.

Leather Gifts with RFID Shielding

Combining our bespoke luxury leather expertise with the latest in RFID shielding technology provides you with an elegant gift and peace of mind that your personal data is protected.

Below are some images of leather gifts with the integrated shielding technology.


Contactless Card and ePassport Shields

In addition to our shielded leather gifts, we can also supply the “patented” shielding cards that can be placed inside your wallet/credit card holders and Passport Covers to protect your data. These can be full colour printed to match your branding requirements.


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